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Commander Hamilton leads a maverick undercover police squad on the most dangerous of infiltration missions, bringing in the most wily drug dealers and other criminals who consider themselves above the law. Hamilton and his squad take only the most dangerous assignments, the ones nobody else will take, and have a 100 percent success rate in either bringing the criminals to justice or making sure they never harm an innocent again. Whatever it takes. But Hamilton also has a personal mission. His daughter was kidnapped years ago and forced into a painful life of slavery and pornography before being disposed of, never to be seen again. He has made it his personal mission to track down those responsible and eliminate them, and uses his loyal squad to do so. On one assignment Hamilton kills one of his own men, called Rick Vaughn, who was starting to ask too many questions about their methods, and the fact that they have stepped over too many lines. Is there any way back for any of them? Hamilton refuses to let any one person jeopardize the squad and his own personal mission and executes him. The squad goes back to business as usual. 6 months later and the squad are preparing to take down a criminal who actually buys women and children from our country and has them shipped overseas to be used for whatever purposes their purchasers require. However somebody has arrived in town, determined to find whoever killed his brother and make them pay any way he can. His name is Tom Vaughn, Rick’s brother, and he is prepared to do anything he can to avenge his brother’s death

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